Meet Our Team

Our diversity and different cultural backgrounds helps us to see things with unique cultural viewpoint that fortifies the projects we develop.

Lead Developer

Phil Muze

Phil is our Lead Developer; he comes from diverse background that includes graphic design, photography, SEO and video editing. He strongly believes that it’s impossible to run successful business without strong online presence.

Content Strategist / Projects Manager

Dima Molchin

Dima is our content developer and self proclaimed social media king. He has unique combination of skills including graphic design, UX, and SEO. He loves to travel and he speaks English, Russian, Finish and Swahili.

Creative Director

Gulya Pica

Guyla is our creative director. As someone who tries to make each and every moment count, she’s constantly for new experiences, even much more so if they’re daunting. She enjoys reading people’s mind

Full-Stack Engineer

Kabs Mumba

Kabs is an Engineer by background, who then switched to web design. He deeply understand users need, he doesnt shy away from tough conversation and he is always on the users side.

Our Mission is to help every Tanzanian business owner and entrepreneur “mjasiriamali” to realize his / her online potential